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10 on 10 :: June :: Kiddie Park

We recently went to Kiddie Park in Bartlesville, OK with some of our best friends.  We learned something....Fynn is scared of everything but the cars and the train.  Sutton is a thrill-seeker.  So, once again we see Fynn taking after me and Sutton after Jason. This poor kid's hair. Fynn kept saying, "Hi Bubba!!" We got them on the Pirate Ship ride and tho[...]

Megan : Mommy & Me | Tulsa Family Photographer

I met Megan at a mutual friend's Christmas party last December.  When you have twins it is an instant conversation starter with other twin mommies and there is kind of an unspoken understanding and respect we have for one another.  Megan and I became friends on Facebook and Instagram.  I then learned of her blog In This Wonderful Life. If you haven't heard [...]