About Me

As a wife and mother I live for laughing, enjoying life and savoring the tender moments with my family.  I crave quiet time with my savior and the perfect cup of coffee daily.

I first fell in love with photography when my mother passed in 1999.  Looking at photographs of her is still so comforting and brings me incredible peace.  I didn’t notice whether she had 10 pounds to lose or if her hair was perfect.  The capture of the way she looked at us portrayed the feelings I miss each and every day.  Looks of pride, unconditional love and tenderness fill those photographs.

I want to capture those images for you.  I want to create photographs you want to hang all over your home and ones your children will look at years down the road and remember what their childhood was all about.  Photography is more than just an annual Christmas card or a formal wedding portrait, it is freezing in time the way a mother holds her child close, the way a father swings his toddler with hopes of hearing that little giggle and the way a groom looks at his bride on their wedding day.

I stop at least once a day, even if it is just a second, to thank God for this life.   It is such a blessing to be the wife of Jason, the mother of these three kiddos and to call this my craft.

Photo Credit: We Are The Parsons