Oh how I loved this wedding.  I mean I LOOOOOVVVVEEEDD this wedding!  I truly have been blessed with the best brides and most fun weddings and this one is no exception.  I’ll never forget when Allison first called me.  I was sitting in my kitchen with my daughter trying to get her to eat and debated whether I should answer or not.  I did and immediately warned her there may be a loud toddler in the background.  She was instantly so understanding (she teaches kindergarten!) and so so sweet.  Then she informed me her wedding was less than 8 weeks away!  Luckily that was the one Saturday I still had open so it worked perfectly.  We met for coffee and chatted and I knew I would just love working with her.  Her fiancé was already living in OKC so I didn’t get to meet him until the engagement session.  These two were such troopers!  Poor Alex had to wear a button up and slacks and it was JUNE in Tulsa and I’m fairly certain that was the most humid day of all the summer.  We had already rescheduled once due to weather and the groom getting injured and with the wedding approaching fast we didn’t have any other day to meet.  Again, such troopers!  Getting to see them together was so sweet!  You can just tell they are the best of friends and so perfect for each other.
When we first met, Allison explained she wouldn’t have the traditional wedding party and that their dog would be the ring bearer.  She said they had so many friends getting married they were simply asking their closest friends to dress up and take pictures but didn’t have to wear a formal gown or tuxedo.  Allison was the definition of laid back.  She was just so excited to be married!!  Alex is the life of the party (which is apparent in the photos below) but he ADORES Allison…I mean the way he looks at her is simply from a Hallmark movie.  It is freaking adorable.  Getting to know them was such an honor!  These two cherish family so so much and you can tell they are awesome people by the way they treat others.  Is it coming across how much I loved this wedding?  I even had a guest from the wedding come up to me and tell me he hadn’t seen me without a smile on my face the entire night.  When I get to do what I love with people like this it feels like winning the lottery!

Alex and Allison got ready at homes in Midtown Tulsa that were literally right next door to one another.  The summer olympics were on so it was the perfect timing for the guys to have something to watch while hanging out.  The girls had the best set up next door with a brunch and champagne.  Ash Franke did the hair with MAC doing the makeup.  From there we headed to AHHA for the first looks, formal portraits, ceremony and reception.  What an awesome venue that just fit this couple perfectly!  They had The Stars playing, which kept everyone dancing all night!  Katie Carpenter along with Ever Something did all the florals, which were timelines as well as breathtaking!  And you can’t go wrong with Catering by Orr….the food was SOOO GOOD!
It was super hard to condense these images to a blog post so there’s a lot but they are some of my favorite images from one of my favorite weddings!

THANK YOU Alex and Allison for having me capture your wedding day!  It was so memorable and will always be one of my favorite weddings to photograph.
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