To say I had a great time with Bonnie and her mom would be an understatement!  Bonnie really put a lot of effort into her session from picking out locations to outfits she was very involved.  I always say how fun it is to meet new people through this business and this girl exudes fun!  We laughed so much and had a blast!

Bonnie is extremely involved in school and I know she will go on to do great things!

I love that she wanted a picture with her Bible.
Bonnie was literally up for ANYTHING!  I would run an idea by her and before I could finish my thought she was doing it.  When we were wrapping up her mom informed me that Bonnie is allergic to EVERYTHING she was touching!!!  Bonnie did not care one bit that should would have a reaction, she just wanted the shot.

Best of luck Bonnie!  I know you will do great things!

Sperry Senior Photographer, Tulsa Senior Photographer, Bixby Senior Photographer