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10 on 10 :: August | Cousins

Family has been visiting from all over the United States for the past week and a half.  We had my husband's Pappy & Nonnie from Louisiana.  His uncle, aunt and cousin from California and then my sister-in-law and her family came last Sunday.  With their two kids and our twins there are four kids under the age of 4!  They have been playing every day toget[...]

10 on 10 :: July :: Lake House

I clearly have a problem narrowing down my pictures to just 10. We spent 3 nights at the lake house for the 4th of July with family and I took pictures every single day.  We did so much but it was relaxing and so enjoyable.  Everyone had a great time and no one wanted to go home. We had the perfect spot to watch fireworks.  They were set off right in the c[...]

10 on 10 :: June :: Kiddie Park

We recently went to Kiddie Park in Bartlesville, OK with some of our best friends.  We learned something....Fynn is scared of everything but the cars and the train.  Sutton is a thrill-seeker.  So, once again we see Fynn taking after me and Sutton after Jason. This poor kid's hair. Fynn kept saying, "Hi Bubba!!" We got them on the Pirate Ship ride and tho[...]

10 on 10 :: May

And that was our Friday. Go visit my friends’ 10 on 10 for the month: Good Girl Gone Glad Jenny Brashears Photography Jenny Collier Photography Blair Schluter is an on-location, natural light photographer serving Tulsa and the surrounding communities.

10 on 10 :: April : Tulsa Photographer

Easter 2013 Such a perfect day. Too perfect to post only 10 pictures. Photo credit:  Jason Schluter Photo credit Jason Schluter :) After spending the day at church and with family, we had our other "family" over to play. I'm ready for green pretty grass. The End. Go visit my friends' 10 on 10 for the month: Good Girl Gone Glad Jenny Brashears[...]

10 on 10 :: March

We recently got to go back to Kansas City to see some friends and get away for the weekend.  It's always fun when your kids play so well with your friends' kids. And I have to add that Danielle is the best cook.  We are always spoiled with such yummy food when we visit! I love how little ones can just become INSTANT drama, no judging, just sw[...]