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Our Evelyn is One

"The living that busts out of every ounce of that kid fills up corners of our family we didn't know were empty" surprised by motherhood I just cannot believe this sweet baby is ONE!  It felt like the first six months dragged and dragged, mostly because I was so incredibly sleep deprived, but the last six months literally passed with a blink of an eye. T[...]

Evie : 11 Months

One month from today we will have a ONE-YEAR-OLD!  Even though Evelyn has been my most challenging baby and the days seem so long at times, they have flown by!  She is the earliest riser and pickiest eater but she sure does bring so much joy into our home.  Jason and I were sure she would walk around 9 months, 10 months at the latest but nope.  It is as if s[...]

Evie : 8 Months | Tulsa Children's Photographer

Our baby girl is 8 months old!  How can this be?!  She is such a mama's girl and is starting to get upset when I am not holding her.  She also loves her daddy and gets so excited and reaches for him.  She's pulling up so much more and really wanting to keep up with her brother.  Still struggling in the sleep department but did pretty good for daddy while I h[...]

My Evie : 5 Months

This sweet baby girl is 5 months old today.  She might be more challenging than the boys were but she really brings so much happiness to our family.  She is drooling all day every day and loves to use her voice and wants to make sure everyone can hear it.  She is SLOWLY getting better at naps and sleeping but it is a gradual process.  We just ordered a high [...]