One month from today we will have a ONE-YEAR-OLD!  Even though Evelyn has been my most challenging baby and the days seem so long at times, they have flown by!  She is the earliest riser and pickiest eater but she sure does bring so much joy into our home.  Jason and I were sure she would walk around 9 months, 10 months at the latest but nope.  It is as if she discovered what fear is all about.  She is feisty and cannot wait to be big enough to wrestle and keep up with her brothers.  Evie is very vocal and has the funniest fake laugh.  Here hair is close to a mullet with a tinge of strawberry to it.  The little curls at the end and by her ears are my favorite.

Those big blue eyes and chubby cheeks mixed with that tooth-filled, crinkle-nose grin just make my heart melt every single day!

Evelyn, sweet baby, we love you so much!
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