This sweet baby girl is 5 months old today.  She might be more challenging than the boys were but she really brings so much happiness to our family.  She is drooling all day every day and loves to use her voice and wants to make sure everyone can hear it.  She is SLOWLY getting better at naps and sleeping but it is a gradual process.  We just ordered a high chair so we will start some foods next month.  Knowing this is our last baby makes me cherish these baby days because they are flying by!  I think back to 5 months ago and how it seems like a lifetime ago.  During that first week in the NICU we were terrified and sick to our stomachs with worry but my husband kept reminding me, “one day this will all seem like a distant memory.”  I still think back and tear up with the image of our baby laying there with pale skin and IV’s all over her body.  We serve an awesome God who we give all the praise for our healthy, happy, drooly, loud, restless and sweet baby girl!