Seven months ago this little lady joined our family.  She recently started crawling and has pulled to standing position a couple of times.  Her development is so different than our boys were, they didn’t sit up until 8 months old!  She is also a completely different baby.  I definitely feel like we have our hands full with this one.  With the boys we baby-proofed everything but never really needed it.  This girl is drawn to electrical outlets and getting into anything she can.  She loves to scream and is learning how to use her voice, which I am sure we will hear plenty of in the coming years.  She is always blowing raspberries so if you are grossed out by drool, spit or saliva in general be prepared if you decide to hold her.  Evie still loves bath time and will occasionally take a bottle (THANK YOU LORD) and pacifier.  And yes she still wakes about two to three times in the night.  We waited until 6 months to start food but she is really not interested.

I never pictured myself as anything other than a “boy mom” because that just always felt more natural.  But, I already love our bond.  It is different with each child and I can’t wait to invest into each individual one over the years.

Can’t wait to see what this next month brings!tulsa-childrens-photographertulsa-baby-photographer tulsa-family-photographer tulsa-newborn-photographer tulsa-ok-photographercrawling-tulsa-photographer tulsa-photographer-baby-smiling-mirror

This mirror was my mom’s mirror.  She used it every day in her bathroom when she was getting ready for the day.  I don’t remember a time she didn’t have it.  oklahoma-tulsa-photographer-mirrortulsa-photographer-mirror tulsa-photographer-baby