I always enjoy this family!  Josh and Jesse are great friends and if you enjoy reading lovely blogs about pretty, fun things go check out Good Girl Gone Glad.
Their kiddos are incredibly awesome!  Rhett is the oldest and he is one of the smartest, sweetest, well-mannered kids I’ve ever met.
Their twins are just ADORABLE!  Jude is such a tender soul with the BEST hair and Blair (she calls me Blair #1 since I am older) is full of life and is going to be one tough cookie with these guys in her family.
And I have to say Josh and Jesse are by far the sweetest couple!  They have been together since their early teenage years and it is always so uplifting to be around them.  They are absolutely HEAD OVER HEELS in love with each other!
Thank you guys for having me capture your family!
It is always so much fun!
Tulsa Family Photographer