If you ask most photographers, we tend to go through major peaks and valleys with this craft of ours.  We all play the game of balance.  Over the past four years since launching this business I’ve hit a few breaking points where I don’t think I can master the balancing act any longer.  I truly value my clients, most of which have become friends of mine.  I do not take for granted their investment in me each and every year and delivering my best work is a constant priority.  But, I’m also a wife and a mom and those roles must always come first.  I started this year with two goals.  First, to get better at the balancing game.  Second, I needed an experience of renewing and refreshing my love of photography.

Joy Prouty has been a photographer I have admired since the beginning of my business.  When I saw she was hosting one in her new town of Austin, Texas I knew it was what I needed.  As I explained to her, while sitting across from her our first night and geeking out inside that this event actually taking place, when I see her work I truly stop and take a breath.  It always stops me in my tracks.  Her talent is immeasurable and the way she expresses herself both artistically as well as verbally is nothing to be ignored.  God puts these artists in my path to keep me inspired and challenged in the best way possible.  The opportunity to sit in the same room as her, watch her shoot and hear her speak was something I could not pass up.

I have never thought of myself as a “creative.”  I don’t paint or draw well, nor do I have an eye for decor or arrangements.  But the minute I learned how to use this camera of mine, every time I pick it up there is a intensity that hits my heart in a way I cannot adequately explain.  It is one of the few places where I feel as though I am truly doing what God intended for me to be doing with this time on earth.  I’m not sure I will ever stop.  This workshop not only reminded of me of that passion but it renewed my love affair with photography.

This was my second workshop to attend and sometimes they can be overwhelming.  Different people with different views and abilities and I just try to soak in all I can.  We all get antsy to get to the shoots and I try to snap what I can but I also love watching the other photographers.  This past weekend I was surrounded by some amazing women with incredible talents.  Joy started our time together allowing us to open our hearts and feel heard.  This set the tone for a weekend allowing myself to be open to learn and bond with some beautiful women with our walls completed broken down.  So many different walks of life, different places in our careers and all our fears validated and comforted.  Our strengths praised and souls renewed.  I have never been more in love with this craft than I am today.  Thank you Joy for opening your heart and home to us.  This workshop was the most important investment I have made in not only my business but myself.the-writing-barn-austintall-girl-problemswildflowers-workshop2016-03-08_0039photography-workshop joy-prouty-workshop2016-03-08_0013 2016-03-08_0012 2016-03-08_0011 2016-03-08_0010 2016-03-08_0009 2016-03-08_0008workshop-austin-texas wildflowers-photography-workshopjoy-prouty-workshop-texas family-photography family-photographer-tulsa 2016-03-08_0021 2016-03-08_0020 2016-03-08_0019 2016-03-08_00182016-03-08_0024 2016-03-08_0023 2016-03-08_0022tulsa-photographer tulsa-family-photography 2016-03-08_00252016-03-08_0028photographer-tulsa-oklahomatulsa-photographer-family-children 2016-03-08_0034 2016-03-08_00382016-03-08_00362016-03-08_0037oklahoma-photographer2016-03-08_0032 black-and-white-photography natural-light-photographerfamily-photographer-oklahoma