Our baby girl is 8 months old!  How can this be?!  She is such a mama’s girl and is starting to get upset when I am not holding her.  She also loves her daddy and gets so excited and reaches for him.  She’s pulling up so much more and really wanting to keep up with her brother.  Still struggling in the sleep department but did pretty good for daddy while I had my first night away.  Evie has zero interest in eating still.  I’ve tried so many things and it ends up being a waste.

Evie loves a thrill – jumping on the trampoline with daddy and being tossed in the air.  She has the sweetest crinkle-nose smile and warmest giggle.  Oh how this girl brings so much joy to our family!

baby-girl-flower-crown-tulsa-photographer baby-girl-tulsa-photographer eight-month-pictures-black-and-white-tulsa-photographer flower-crown-photographer-tulsa tulsa-childrens-photographer tulsa-family-photographer-lifestyle tulsa-photographer-children tulsa-photographer-indian-paintbrushes tulsa-photographer-wildflowers tulsa-photographer wildflowers-tulsa-oklahoma

Time is flying by and I just know I will blink and she will be one.  At times when holding her while she’s sleeping I just soak in the little details…..her tiny curl that flips above her ear, her sweet breath that lands on my face, her tiny fingers that rest on her chest and how perfectly she fits right in my arms.  I see our boys and notice so many changes each day.  I’m so thankful for happy, healthy kiddos but man it flies by!