How can these little dudes be five?!

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These boys make me so proud!  Yes they are your typical five-year-old boys with their moments of bad behavior and snappy attitudes but they have the sweetest little souls.  Sutton is such a little lover.  He always wants hugs and kisses and will jump up in your lap five minutes after meeting you.  He likes to be silly and has the best belly laugh of anyone I have ever met.  He is sensitive and caring and tells me all the time that he will marry me when he gets bigger.  I can’t wait to explain what that means!  I pray he never loses his sweet, tender heart and that he always has a caring spirit toward others.

Fynn is such a daddy’s boy.  He loves all things Star Wars and any sport he tries.  He is mature for his age and always tries to be the “big brother” to Sutton.  Fynn LOVES his baby sister!  He could sit and talk to her and kiss her all day.  I can’t wait to see that relationship grow over the years.  He is so great with his manners and says “yes ma’am” when I ask him to do something.  Fynn loves to talk!  He is so inquisitive and tries to understand how everything works and what everything means.  He asks for homework and is so close to be able to read a few words.

These two love to color!  Our refrigerator is covered in paper and their hands in marker.  On each paper they love writing “mom” or “dad” and they are getting pretty good at staying in the lines.  I love watching their imagination grow each day and seeing the games they come up with.  I’m so thankful they have each other.  Watching them over the past 5 years grow and change has been so fun.  I pray they always remain such close brothers and friends but that they maintain their individuality.  It is so interesting to see two kids that have shared pretty much the exact same experiences yet can be so different.

Happy 5th Birthday My Little Dudes!